In accordance to the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, Cesar Leopoldo Rios Huerta using GRUPO SERCOMEX as trade name and being its permanent residence in Camino Antigo a Tlaxcala No. 525, San Francisco Ocotlán, Puebla 72680; would like to let you know the following information, asking for its complete reading:

GRUPO SERCOMEX is committed with the transparency, safety and privacy of Personal Data of our associates. When gathering and processing your Personal Data, GRUPO SERCOMEX commits and compels to observe and fulfill all lawfulness, consent, quality, information, proportionality and responsibility principles considered in the article 16th of the Law.

In accordance to the previously mentioned, this Privacy Notice applies to all information including the Sensitive Personal Data of our associates, as well as third parties data with which GRUPO SERCOMEX intends to initiate a contractual relationship; gathered by GRUPO SERCOMEX for the provision of their services.

According to the above mentioned, and when reading this Privacy Notice you agree with GRUPO SERCOMEX, to collect, use and transfer your Personal Data for the purposes later specified. In order to comply with the provisions of Article 28 of the Law, the following is stated:


GRUPO SERCOMEX is an organization dedicated to provide ground transportation services in modalities such as Importation and Exportation, Direct and Consolidated National Transport, as well as in the United States and Canada; Integrated Warehousing and Distribution solutions in Puebla State are also our new services.

All communication must be addressed to Comptroller Department which is the responsible for processing the applications and promoting the protection of Personal Data.

This Privacy Notice applies to all activities performed by GRUPO SERCOMEX with third parties, in any of the groups that currently forms it or may form it in the future, in any of the cities where they perform its activities.


In accordance with the article 3rd of the Law, "Personal Data" refers to any information concerning an identified or identifiable person. For purposes of this Privacy Notice, but not limited to, it will be understood as "Personal Data".

  • The name and surname
  • date of birth
  • sex
  • marital status
  • existence of children
  • address
  • landline number with extension
  • cell phone
  • e-mail
  • among other similar data concerning an individual.

In order to perform its activities, GRUPO SERCOMEX uses the following information:

  • Data received by GRUPO SERCOMEX directly through various means such as personal interviews, printed reports, phone calls, emails and some others.
  • Data obtained when someone visits the website or promotional sites from GRUPO SERCOMEX, or when they receive the service or consult information regarding GRUPO SERCOMEX.
  • Data obtained from legally available public sources.

The foregoing statement is based in accordance with the established in the Article 7 of the Law.


In accordance with the Law, it is considered as processing of Personal Data the obtaining, use, disclosure and/or storage of personal data, by any means. The use of data includes any action of access, handling, exploitation and transfer or disposal of personal data.

The processing of Personal Data by GRUPO SERCOMEX will be limited to the fulfillment of the purposes of treatment foreseen in this Privacy Notice and will be subject to the following:

In any event that it is intended to treat your Personal Data with a different purpose to those of this Privacy Notice, GRUPO SERCOMEX will require obtaining your consent for this end.

GRUPO SERCOMEX uses the Personal Data in order to carry out its activities, such as spreading information, monitoring of services, notifications of account statements, organization of sustainable development and social responsibility events. GRUPO SERCOMEX also uses personal data for administrative, labor and contractual activities, as well as statistical purposes, to promote our events and to inform the results of these. In no case, GRUPO SERCOMEX will give a different use to the Personal Data collected; unless this Privacy Notice reflects any change and/or the user authorize it. .


As a general rule, GRUPO SERCOMEX does not share any Personal Information without the explicit consent of the owner. However, it is possible that GRUPO SERCOMEX may share information in the following cases, in accordance with the single chapter, articles 67, 68, 69 and 70 of the Law:

  • In order to complement a certain procedure requested by the owner of the information.
  • Share information with other partners of GRUPO SERCOMEX, to strengthen relations between them. /li>
  • To meet the requirements of the authorities or to protect and defend the rights of GRUPO SERCOMEX, with no prejudice to the individual who provides the information.
  • When data transfer is national and it is foreseen in a Law or Agreement subscribed and ratified by Mexico or, when it is performed by request of a foreign Authority or an International Organism competent as receiver; as long as all faculties between the transfer and the recipient will be homologous, or when the purposes that motivates the transfer will be analogous or compatibles regarding those that lead to the treatment of the responsible for transferring.


In compliance with the Law under the Title Two, Chapter I, once a person delivers his/her Personal Data to GRUPO SERCOMEX, we will preserve it indefinitely by different media; under the security that technology allows us

All Personal Data held by GRUPO SERCOMEX will be protected in an administrative, technical and physical form to prevent its loss, misuse and unauthorized access, as well as its publication, modification or destruction.


Unless you indicate the opposite, and practicing the legal exercise of your right of cancellation or opposition and through the mechanisms established in this Privacy Notice; the treatment of your Personal Data, including Sensitive Personal Data that GRUPO SERCOMEX may collect, has the purpose of personal identification, the use of information technologies, operation, administration, marketing, merchandising, and other similar and lawful purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Law, which derived from the services contracted by you and other obligations originated by the legal relationship between you as owner of Personal Data and GRUPO SERCOMEX. Talking about our collaborators, all data provided is for development of internal processes exclusively.


Starting 2017, in order to exert the ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition), the owner of the Personal Data may contact GRUPO SERCOMEX - comptroller (same address of GRUPO SERCOMEX), within business hours and business days, by telephone or through our website In order to be accepted by GRUPO SERCOMEX, the submitted ARCO application must contain and be accompanied by all documentation indicated in Article 44 of the Law.


Any modification to this Privacy Notice will be informed to you either by notice via e-mail or through GRUPO SERCOMEX webpage.

GRUPO SERCOMEX reserves the right to make the modifications to this Privacy Notice that it deems pertinent, in order to adapt it, update it, improve it, or to comply with new legal provisions.

GRUPO SERCOMEX recommends to the owners of Personal Data to regularly review the content of this Privacy Notice


According to Article 3 subsection X of the Law, it is consider as Sensitive Personal Data those related to racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, trade union membership, political opinions and sexual preferences of the owner of these data.


We are implementing our Privacy Notice in accordance with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data. This notice appears on our website. If you have any comments or doubts, we request you to contact us immediately, through this page or directly with our comptroller, at our central offices located in Camino Antigo a Tlaxcala No. 525, San Francisco Ocotlán, Puebla 72680. If we do not receive your comments, we will understand that you agree with the terms and conditions of this notice. Our Privacy Notice may change from time to time, so we suggest you to check this continuously.