Sercomex Group offers the best transport service and integral logistics in our 4 business units:

National Ground Transport

The best direct way to deliver your goods.

  • Coverage throughout the Mexican Republic with dedicated service.
  • Door-to-door and urgent services.
  • 24-hour personalized service and satellite tracking.
  • Extensive portfolio of trading partners in the main cities, customs and ports of the country.
  • Trailers, thortons and pickups trucks of recent model.

Consolidated Land Transport

Consolidate with SERCOMEX.

  • Leaders of consolidated material service in Mexico City Airport, Nuevo Laredo, Veracruz, Manzanillo and Bajío area.
  • Coverage in: Nuevo Laredo, AICM, Manzanillo, Chihuahua, Veracruz, Monterrey, Coahuila, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Toluca and San Luis Potosí, from Puebla or Tlaxcala and viceversa.
  • Flexibility to your requirements and immediate solution.
  • Storehouse for loading, unloading and storage in Nuevo Laredo, Puebla, AICM, Veracruz, Querétaro and Manzanillo.

Ground Transport of Imports and Exports

Safety and confidence certified.

  • Safety and certified. C-TPAT certification, which guarantee quality and safety in the logistics chain.
  • Door-to-door and transshipment service.
  • Satellite tracking in all our units.
  • Custom service 24 hrs.
  • We guarantee coverage for scheduled shipments.
  • Availability for expedited service.

EU And Canadá Land Transport

  • A single supplier to simplify your activities.
  • Door-to-door delivery in LTL and FTL.
  • Coverage throughout the EU and Canada.
  • Inbound procedure Included for shipments in Canada.
  • Insurance (optional).
  • 24 hrs service.
  • Urgent deliveries.

Integral solutions for storage and Distribution

  • 3PL quality service for the transport of your goods.
  • Elimination of investment expenses in assets.
  • Payment of storage or backup only for the occupied days.
  • Loading and Unloading specialized Maneuvers.
  • Inventory control (LIFO/FIFO).
  • Cross docking.
  • Pick and pack.
  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Dedicated projects.

Tracking and monitoring 24 hrs

Safety and commitment

Quality service